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Shanghai Shen Mei Factory of Decoration Technology is a leading designer and manufacturer of various floats, ball floats, ABO floats which are made by the pioneering advance technology PV hard foam material. The certain material is light weighted, buoyant, corrosion resisting, impermeable and it is hard to break. Because the coating of the float is made of Acnylicpv, its color will never fade off. It is a new advanced product of high quality and beautiful appearance among all types of floats product in the market.
    The connection structured space float is made of space flying film material and its advantages are as follows: impermeable when it is snapped or when its surface is broken; stably and strongly buoyant; firm and durable. It has several specifications: 6mm230mm, 6mm270mm, 6mm310mm, 6mm330mm, 7mm270mm, 7mm310mm, 7mm*330mm. This invention has gained the patent protected by the government. Its illegal for any kind of imitation.
    The foaming material and the wired metal rubber lump are cast by a lump_sum casting technology, which forms the foaming floats. These foaming floats are coated with Acnylicpv Fluorescence. Its advantages are: the runner lump inside of the float will never come off; the floats are firm and durable; the coating is colorfast, bright and clear; it is dirty resisting too. It is especially suitable for those whose sight is poor and for long distant fishing. This invention has gained the patent protected by the government. Its illegal for any kind of imitation.     ABO float, which is suitable for oak fishing, is a new kind of float invented by our factory recently. Its advantages are: its paint on the cover is durable and it won't break by any collision on the rock or even by a trample; the material is light weighted and its impermeable of water; its also strongly buoyant in the water. This invention has gained the patent protected by the government and its illegal for any kind of imitation.    Shen Mei provides various series of floats which are suitable for sea fishing, oak fishing, lake fishing, river fishing and fishing in other places. With the sophisticated equipment, scientific management, rigorous technological process we have been making great progress in the quality of our products. We have always had a very good reputation of a honest dealing and creditable credit. Either an order of our products or providing a sample for us to manufacture the certain product is always welcome. We sincerely hope that any customer or company, who is interested in our products or a partnership with us, will come to our factory and consult business with us. 

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